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  • Green Lantern

    This is very bad, in so many ways. Amateurish really, a low rent Deadpool (that’s saying something!). The casting is the worse, Blake Lively should be the action girl and Ryan Reynolds the love interest!

  • Sorry to Bother You

    A left-wing film in which workers unionise and achieve their goals, even when scabs cross the picket line. Squint! Squint at the grandeur.

  • Keeping Mum

    A touching family story, with extra murders. Nanny McPhee or Miss Marple or Mary Poppins as murderesses.

  • The Eye

    A remake of a Pang brothers film, that’s something that you don’t see every day. Jessica Alba is a sight for sore eyes, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Rachel Ticotin still has that Total Recall vibe.

  • Mechanic: Ressurrection

    Yet another PG-13 assassin murdering people, while boobs remain firmly in bras. It’s sort like Hitman (the game), making it look like an accident. Came for Michelle Yeoh, but it’s a cameo, no martial arts involving her. Jessica Alba is the love interest that does nothing but getting captured.

  • Out of Sight

    So that’s where Clooney met Soderbergh. A match made in heaven really. Ving Rhames should have been on the Ocean films.

  • Maelström

    Villeneuve’s second film. What the fuck was he smoking, so many questions.

  • Regression

    Emma Watson saying “Believe Us!” on TV, while being the villain, Evil incarnate. That’s ballsy. Troll level: Serge Gainsbourg.

  • Fast Times at Ridgemont High

    I’m pretty sure the creators of this dross were on dope. Just a whitewashed piece of Americana by Cameron Crowe, set in the worst possible place: high school. Just another Porky’s, but with rich folk.

  • Death Race

    An industrial small scale version of Mad Max: Fury Road. Sure, there’s a plot in here somewhere, but it’s all about stuff blowing up.

  • Bullitt

    Not too shabby for the inventor of chase scenes.

  • Unlocked

    A standard spy thriller, Bourne-lite, with evil CIA traitors. It’s just crazy that the bad guy wants to release a weaponized virus so that America legalises “medical martial law”: contact tracing, quarantines, access to medical data.