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  • Hollywood Ending

    Woody Allen is not perfect, and this is an example of it. Just like Scoop, this still has chucklegoofs, but the drudge you need to wade through before getting to the good jokes is too much.

  • Minority Report

    It seems ironic that Spielberg adapts sci-fi stories, when he flatly doesn’t care about the story. Feels like a bet he won, making a blockbuster about something he couldn’t give a shit about.

  • Abandon

    The Rules of Attraction as a reluctant thriller.

  • Pinocchio

    That’s Pinocchio, all right.

  • Die Another Day

    The one with Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike and Maddona.

  • Analyse That

    Undoing the character development in the last film for fun and profit.

  • The Transporter

    A very good action film with really inventive fight scenes. Has more in common with the old Jackie Chan films than the usual fight-scene driven drivel, but with a better script.

  • Rollerball

    The 2002 remake. Po-faced ultra-violent silliness. It’s not even a metaphor for NFL, however thinly veiled. The audience uses vuvuzelas, GTFO.

  • Ripley's Game

    Half of Dangerous Liaisons, with a not so tragic ending. Not that it ends happily…

  • The Sum of All Fears

    One of Clancy’s roman à clef.

  • Murder by Numbers

    Wow, Michael Pitt is a psycho killer? Who would have thought? Funny how he plays Games with everyone…

  • The Bourne Identity

    I had never seen the extended cut. They cut so much Wombosi stuff out, and there was apparently plenty of cuts and reshoots too. Still manages to blow most thrillers out of the water.

  • Deathwatch

    Kinda redundant, an horror film set in The Great War’s trenches. Even if it’s a big purgatory metaphor, and the entity testing the souls is a German POW.

  • Men in Black II

    A letdown compared to the first one. Box-ticking exercise, everybody is just going through the motions.